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Joint regional event in Italy
September 9, 2014

On September 9, 2014, the regional workshop "Voluntary Tools and Networking for the EU Low-Carbon Agenda" was held in Bari, Italy. The event attracted 22 participants and was organised by Puglia Region's Mediterranean Department, the lead partner of the Alternenergy project, in collaboration with LOCSEE lead partner EURAC.

Topics discussed included energy policies in Italy and experiences related to the Covenant of Mayors, the EU climate acquis for South Eastern Europe, low-carbon policies in South Eastern Europe that are linked to the Energy Community Treaty, and sustainable energy action plans (SEAPs) in Italy. Case studies of voluntary industrial footprint actions in Italy were presented, illustrating the synergies between SEAPs and voluntary industrial innovation schemes towards public-private partnerships. A general overview of Alterenergy project activities was presented along with an overview of the results achieved to date in the framework of LOCSEE.

A report on the event appeared on the television channel TGNorba24.


  1. Agenda
  2. Low Carbon South East Europe Project introduction - Daniele Vettorato, European Research Academy of Bolzano
  3. EU climate change acquis relevant to the Balkans - Emma Mitrotta, EURAC
  4. Low carbon Policies in the South East Europe linked to the Energy Community Treaty - Massimo La Scala, POLITECNICO DI BARI
  5. Overview on Sustainable Energy Action Plans: policy and implementation in Italy - Antonio Lumicisi - Fondazione Ambiente Pulito, Roberto Vaccaro - EURAC
  6. Sustainable energy planning - Claudio Polignano
  7. ALTERENERGY e la pianificazione energetica nella Comunita di Sant'Agata - Carlo Gadaleta Caldarola, ARTI
  8. The S.E.A.P. of Municipality of Bari - Ing. Pasquale Capezzuto
  9. Industrial case study 1 - Laura Marchini
  10. Industrial case study 2 - Palumbo
  11. Policy Paper (Italian)
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