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Third national stakeholder workshop, Italy
November 5, 2014

Italy's third LOCSEE national stakeholder workshop was held in Rimini on November 5, 2014, organised by project leader EURAC. The workshop started with a EURAC presentation of the LOCSEE project, its main goals and the results that have been achieved. This was followed by a presentation of Italy's low-carbon policy paper, given by a representative from the University of Padua.

Representatives of the municipalities of Bologna and Verona talked about how to involve the private sector under the Covenant of Mayors initiative. An overview of industrial case studies was then delivered by a representative from Carlsberg Italy and a representative of the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea. Other speakers introduced the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme in Italy and the EU's Eco-innovation initiative.

This national workshop aimed to contribute towards defining a systemic, cross-sectoral approach to the construction of political and voluntary actions in the public and private sectors to reduce CO2 emissions. The workshop ended with an open discussion session.

Further details are available in the agenda.


  1. Towards a policy paper for Italy E.Domorenok
  2. Covenant of Mayors- Mun. Bologna G.Fini
  3. Covenant of Mayors - Municipality of Verona. Tardiani
  4. Voluntary industrial footprint actions in Italy R. Ianna
  5. Carlsberg . L Marchini
  6. Industrial case studies - RINA Services Spa. F.Alfieri
  7. Industrial case studies - Pozzi Srl
  8. Industrial case studies - WDE Maspell. M.Pavan
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