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Third Austrian NWG session
November 6, 2014

On November 6, 2014, the third session of the Austrian National Working Group (NWG) on low-carbon policies took place in Graz. JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JR) hosted the meeting, which was chaired by Mr. Andreas Turk and Ms. Gudrun Lettmayer (JR). In his introduction, Mr. Turk gave a short overview of the LOCSEE project deliverables and progress reports, as well as documentation and work to be completed. He highlighted that most deliverables for Austria have already been reported. The JR group reported on the Regional Policy Network conference, held in Athens in October. For Austria, both the implementation plan and project plan need to be finalised by the end of the year, and a draft has already been sent to the project leader in which gaps in policy implementation were identified in particular in the building sector (energy efficiency).

Regarding the good practice platform, Mr. Turk mentioned that the project has generated some interesting examples for South East European countries and introduced a paper on nationally appropriate mitigation actions for this region. Mr. Daniel Steiner presented the results of the economic modelling of co-benefits through policy implementation measures. In a special session, a draft of the policy paper "Evaluating Austria's Climate Change Policies: Fostering energy strategies for communities" was presented to the NWG. In the weeks preceding the meeting, NWG members had been invited to provide their recommendations on the paper's structure and focus. At the session, the proposed content, comprising the presentation of four successful programmes fostering community-based and regional climate and energy strategies in Austria, was approved. The programmes Mayors Adapt, the Covenant of Mayors, E5 Communities, Climate and Energy Model Regions and Climate Alliance Austria will be analysed and case studies will be presented. Based on the proposed criteria and their own experiences, NWG members suggested concrete Austrian municipalities and regions for case studies.
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