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Third NWG meeting and workshop in Albania
December 23, 2014

The third meeting of the Albanian national working group was held on December 23, 2014, followed by the third stakeholder workshop. The meetings were held in Tirana, at the premises of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration (MoEFWA)

The NWG meeting was opened by Laureta Dibra, head of the Air, Climate Change and Chemicals Sector at the MoEFW, who gave an update on progress achieved in Albania during the LOCSEE project. The presentation covered Albania's good practice examples; the national state-of-the-art analysis; the results of model-based measures in the country's transport sector; Albania's implementation plan for the transfer of EU legislation in the field of climate change; the low-carbon process plan; and the policy paper on climate change.

The session closed with a discussion on the sustainability of project results.

During the subsequent workshop on developing Albania's low-carbon process plan, Laureta Dibra gave presentations on the conclusions of the UNFCCC COP20 negotiations in Lima, Peru and the resulting obligations on the Government of Albania; and Albania's implementation plan for transferring the EU climate acquis.

Besim Islami, chair of the National Energy Agency, then spoke about Albania's low-carbon process plan and policy paper.

A press conference was organised in order to help disseminate the results achieved in the course of the LOCSEE project in Albania.

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