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Second Albanian National Working Group meeting
May 2, 2014

The second session of the Albanian National Working Group took place on May 2, 2014, at the premises of the Ministry of Environment in Tirana, Albania. Laureta Dibra from the Ministry of Environment welcomed participants to the session and updated them about the latest progress within the LOCSEE project. Andreas Tuerk from project partner JR delivered a presentation about implementing good practices for the reduction of GHG emissions according to EU legislation. His presentation included options for Albania to meet its 2020 target for renewable energy sources (RES) and to enhance cooperation with the EU. He pointed out that the model-based results of the project Bringing Europe and Third Countries Closer Together though Renewable Energies (BETTER), and the BETTER case studies focusing on the development of RES in North Africa, Turkey and South Eastern Europe, can be useful tools for increasing cooperation between Albania and the EU.

During the meeting there was also a discussion about potential topics for good practices in Albania, followed by a discussion on the content and purpose of the LOCSEE policy paper. Ms. Dibra emphasised the benefits arising from LOCSEE regarding the transfer of know-how to Albania in relation to nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs); the setting up of an effective and efficient financing mechanism to channel domestic and international funds to climate-related actions; best practice examples of mitigation measures and financing models; the effective implementation of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan; and the establishment of a regional partnership to improve technology, policies and mitigation strategies in various sectors in Albania.
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