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LOCSEE modelling exercise presented
July 8, 2014

An article describing the modelling exercise carried out in Albania, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro in the framework of the LOCSEE project was published in June in Anemologia, the tri-monthly journal of the Greek Association for Wind Energy.

The modelling was undertaken by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) in selected energy sub-sectors in the four South East European countries in order to assess potential measures for reducing GHG emissions.

For each of the examined sub-sectors, the projected national GHG emissions are presented, along with potential mitigation measures and the expected emissions savings, as estimated by NOA. In addition, the marginal cost curve obtained for each case is included, indicating the part of the technical potential that is "win win", meaning that it has net economic benefit for end users when all private costs and benefits are taken into account. The results of the economic analysis are compared to those obtained for Greece based on work completed by NOA. The comparison shows that, despite their regional peculiarities, all the examined countries are favourable in terms of implementing economically attractive GHG mitigation measures. Appropriate and effective low-carbon support policies are therefore required.

The complete article (in Greek) can be read here.

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